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Tradco Flat Plate Rocker Switches

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All Light Switches conform with Australian and New Zealand Standards

These Tradco Flat Plate Rocker Light Switches from Classic Switches are sure to compliment your new building project suiting a wide variety of building styles from  contemporary to that beautiful old Colonial.
These light switches can be mounted in a Vertical or Horizontal position. Please read highlighted notes by clicking.

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Even if you are renovating, our rocker light switches can easily replace the standard plastic light switches to change forever the decor of your renovation project. With the cover removed before fitting the rocker switch you will find all the mounting screw / holes align where the existing plastic switch was mounted, be it Clipsal, HPM or Arlec making installation costs the same as your standard light switches.
If you do not have a cavity which usually allows for cable routing, conduit maybe required on the feature wall therefore timber mounting blocks are available to suit these Tradco brand flat plate switches and allow for cabling to enter from the top or bottom and the sides. The mounting blocks may have to be packed to allow for the thickness of the conduit and electrical wiring. We are happy to assist with your requirements and are only a phone call away. ( we say get right in the first place to save the pain later )
See Pre Drilled  Mounting Blocks under Shop by Category or do a search for Code 44c.

Our rectangular Tradco Rocker Light Switches also know as flat plate rocker switches come in a range of finishers including Polished Brass - Antique Brass - Antique Copper - Polished Chrome - Satin Chrome and Matt Black
All metal covers are made from sheet brass and then treated to allow for the above finishers.
The internal cover is available as a Brown or White insert or Black, this is noticeable around the perimeter of the rocker. Rocker Mechanisms come in Brown or White and Black.
Mechanisms used are made in Australia by HPM 

Tradco Rocker Switch configurations in a size of 72 mm x 115 mm are available as One Gang - Two Gang - Three Gang and Four Gang while Rocker Architrave Switches 30 mm x 82 mm come as One Gang - Two Gang and the Three Gang has a size of 30 mm x 108 mm.
These flat plate rocker light switches can be mounted in a Vertical or Horizontal position by simply removing the mechanism and replacing back in the required position to achieve the desired look. All rockers are supplied in the vertical position.

The rocker can easily be removed and replaced with Dimmer or Fan controls as well as TV, Data and Phone mechanisms carrying out the same look throughout building project.
35 Amp -15 Amp and Intermediate Rocker Mechanism can also fitted in the same way.
These are found under Communication and Accessories.
Also to complement this range of Tradco Light Switches is a selection of Flat Plate GPO'S in matching finishers with brown or white inserts. See Power Points and GPO'S under Shop by Category.

For further technical information regarding our wonderful range of Flat Plate Rocker Light Switches is just a phone call away on  07 46301232 or Email: