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Polished BrassPolished Brass

We forge, stamp and cast using the best quality brass available, that is then polished and lacquered. All brass ages and tarnishes over time. We love an old brass handle with natural wear.

Of course, if you want it to look new for as long as possible, clean it with Mr Sheen and a soft dry cloth regularly and make sure it stays dry. The protective lacquer coating needs to remain intact.

For those that wish their brass product to age quickly, the lacquer can be removed with paint stripper and polishing.


Antique BrassAntique Brass

To achieve our Antique Brass finish, we take our Polished Brass product and age each item individually by hand. The item is then rubbed back with a soft cloth to lighten the finish; after which it is baked to set. Once baked, a clear lacquer is applied and allowed to dry before going through final inspection and packaging.

The Antique Brass patina is a living finish designed to wear and age naturally over time. Our Antique Brass finish is our most difficult finish to perfect and while our platers strive to provide consistency amongst our range of products in this finish, variations are to be expected.

Care for it well and it will reward you with the most natural looking antique brass finish for many years.

Antique CopperAntique Copper

Our Brass product is firstly copper plated, then antiqued. Before setting, the Antique Finish is carefully rubbed back by hand to lighten the colour and reveal copper highlighting to reflect natural wear.

Over time, the clear lacquer coating and antique finish will thin where the product gets most use to reveal more copper highlighting. The copper that is showing will also age - this is a true living finish that looks good at all stages of its life.

Matt BlackMatt Black

Depending on the item, we achieve our Matt Black finish through many different processes. Some items are powder coated, others are treated with an ageing process. However it is achieved, our Matt Black finish is both durable and stunning.

Matt Black hardware provides a striking contrast on white or timber applications and has been the cornerstone finish of the popular ‘Hamptons’ look. Regularly clean with Mr Sheen and a soft dry cloth to maintain the finish.


Chrome PlateChrome Plate

For those that love shiny finishes, we apply our polished, mirror-like chrome plated finishes to our extensive range of brass based products.

Chrome plating is a very durable finish and only requires regular cleaning with a soft dry cloth to maintain its brightness.


Satin ChromeSatin Chrome

To achieve our Satin Chrome finish, chrome plate is rubbed back to remove the shine. Satin chrome is proven to be a durable finish and only requires regular cleaning with a soft dry cloth to maintain its look. Satin Chrome adds a modern touch to brass hardware and matches well with stainless steel hardware and appliances.


Antique FinishAntique Finish

This rustic finish is applied to a selected range of our cast iron products. A clear lacquer coating is applied, which should be maintained with regular applications of Mr Sheen on a soft dry cloth.

Our Antique Finish on cast iron is designed to be used internally and life expectancy is determined by usage, moisture and environment.

Stainless SteelStainless Steel

Look Brass or Zinc alloy products are plated with Satin Nickel and brushed to replicate Stainless Steel as closely as possible. Regularly clean with Mr Sheen and a soft dry cloth to maintain this finish.